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It can be very hard to get some straightforward information online about funeral costs. Funeral directors show their costs in different ways and therefore it can be difficult to compare like with like. The easiest way to find out more is to give us a call on 01234 843222 and we can explain everything to you.

We offer funerals that are exactly tailored to your needs and therefore they differ greatly. However, to assist you we have provided below the cost of our most popular type of funeral. 
Providing our professional services in arranging the funeral, including local removal of your loved one, use of our private chapel of rest facilities, (including out of hours) attending to all necessary documentation, and liaison with the appropriate authorities, handling donations, providing all staff as required, including the attendance of a funeral director and four pall bearers, and provision of a hearse £1,702
Standard veneered cremation coffin £495
Third party costs including Norse Rd Crematorium fees and a Celebrant or Minister* £940
Total £3,137
*if doctor’s fees are payable they will amount to a further £164
We also offer a Simple Funeral where you will receive the same exemplary service, but at a cost that may be more suitable to your requirements. 
The cost of the Simple Funeral includes third party fees (as shown above*) and amounts to £2,700

Please note the following, with the Simple Funeral:
  • There are restrictions on when the funeral can take place and certain times may be excluded
  • The Simple Funeral includes collection of your loved one within a 10-mile radius only
  • The Simple Funeral includes rest chapel visits in office hours only
  • A service at a separate location prior to attendance at Norse Road crematorium chapel is not included
Bespoke Funerals
We understand very well that arranging a funeral is deeply personal which is why we offer a completely bespoke service. The above examples are an indication of cost but there are many ways that you can personalise a funeral.

We have a large selection of coffins including veneered and solid wood, (panelled or plain) coffins, coffins made from willow or bamboo and other speciality coffins. Prices start from £350 and can reach in excess of £1,300 for a solid wood or metal casket.

You may want to consider additional transport options on the day including limousines, or for more specialist funeral arrangements you may want to consider a horse-drawn hearse or motor bike hearse. We also offer the use of our facilities for ritual washing and dressing the deceased, we can also take the deceased into church or home the day before the funeral. We can cater to all of these requirements and many more. Please contact one of our funeral directors on 01234 843222 to talk through any questions you may have.
A L & G Abbott are able to offer all professional services relating to repatriation of the deceased. Please contact the office for details.
The cost of disbursements can vary but we have included some information under the crematoria and burials sections of the site. Other disbursements can include the following:
Churchyard fees £151 to £317
Minister’s fees from £182
Civil celebrant’s fees from £200
Organist/verger/heating prices vary at different locations, please call for further advice
You will receive a 10% discount if you purchase your flowers from Cottage Garden Florists in Kempston

We can also arrange for a press notice to be published in the paper(s) of your choosing, as well as organising the printing of Orders of Service to your specification, if you wish. Prices vary so please call for further advice.

Costs of the disbursements are initially met by the funeral director on your behalf and are recharged and payable within one month of the funeral fee account being issued. This usually happens within a week of the date of the funeral. 

Fees relating to the order of a specialist coffin are payable in advance. 
Call 01234 843 222 to discuss your individual requirements with our team.

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