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More and more people are choosing to pre-arrange their funeral to reduce the emotional worry and anxiety for their family.
With a Golden Charter Funeral Plan from A L & G Abbott, you can pre-arrange your funeral and fix your funeral director’s costs at today’s prices. It covers your funeral director’s costs, no matter how long you live or what happens to the economy in the meantime, which can help reduce the financial burden on your loved ones. A Golden Charter Funeral Plan allows you to set out your wishes in advance, so your family don’t have to second-guess what you might have wanted. The plan can also include a contribution towards third party costs (known as disbursements), such as crematorium, clergy and doctor’s fees.
One of the main reasons that we recommend Golden Charter Funeral Plans is because they provide outstanding financial security for your money. All plan monies are held securely within the Golden Charter Trust.
In addition to the high levels of financial security provided by Golden Charter, you will also benefit from the knowledge and experience we have developed over many years. This means we can help you tailor your funeral plan to accommodate any special wishes you may have. With a Golden Charter plan you can make top-ups or update your plan details at any time, and you can choose to pay upfront or by monthly installments.
To find out more about all the plans available from Golden Charter please click here. This will re-direct you to the Golden Charter website where you can take out a plan or please do not hesitate to call us or drop in with any questions and we can talk through your plans with you.
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