Funeral Type


Some people wish for a traditional funeral, with a minimum of fuss, whilst others prefer a more elaborate funeral. Whatever your requirements or budget, we ensure that all the arrangements are carried out with dignity and a personal touch that will make it a meaningful and individual funeral.

Traditional burials

This could be in a churchyard or a cemetary with your choice of coffin.

Green burials

Green burials are becoming a popular funeral option. These offer a natural alternative to a traditional funeral where the burial takes place in a meadow or woodland, offering a tranquil setting for you to visit your loved one. The nearest green burial site is located at  Olney Green Burial Ground. *this link will open in a separate window*


All necessary arrangements will be made on your behalf with the local crematorium. We are familiar with certain cultural procedures that need to be observed in relation to the cremation of a loved one and we are happy to discuss any requirements you may have.

Civil funerals

A civil funeral takes full account of the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased and their family. The ceremony is conducted by the Civil Funeral Celebrant; it can contain a little or no religious content and can contain hymns and/or prayers if desired.

Religious funerals

We have experience with all religious denominations and faiths. We will ensure that the funeral arrangements and services you require meet all your cultural and religious needs.

Humanist funerals

For people who have neither accepted religious views of life or death, nor lived according to religious principles a Humanist funeral may be more appropriate. We work with the British Humanist Association to provide a funeral which uniquely celebrates the life of the person who has died.


A L & G Abbott have all the necessary expertise and resources to arrange and carry out this specialist service. Please contact the office for more detailed advice.
call 01234 843 222 to discuss any of the funeral options that A L & G Abbott cater for.

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