Funeral Transport


At A L & G Abbott, our funeral vehicles are vital in offering a dignified journey, removing all of the worries associated with travel on the day. We invest in a modern fleet of vehicles, including our hearse and limousines. Our funeral director will talk through these options with you to ensure that you make the most suitable choice for your loved one's funeral.

Traditional hearse and limousine

A classic and our most popular transport option, guaranteeing a smooth and dignifed journey for both the mourners and the deceased.
Traditional hearse

Horse drawn hearse

Traditional, elegant and environmentally friendly, a horse drawn hearse can provide those extra touches of distinction and individuality to any procession.
Traditional horse drawn carriage

Motorcycle hearse

Every funeral is a unique celebration of life. As well as standard hearses, we can also provide the only UK industry standard motorcycle sidecar hearse.

The company ‘Motorcycle Funerals LTD have been awarded ‘The Shires Magazine 2016 Award of Excellence Winner for Overall Funeral Services.’
Motorcycle hearse

A suitable funeral transport option can be arranged to suit your needs.
Call A L & G Abbott on 01234 843 222 for advice on choosing the most suitable funeral transport for your loved one's funeral.

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