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You can expect crematorium fees to be in the region of £740. This will include 45 minutes use of the Chapel and the cremation itself. You may choose to hold a ceremony at another venue before the cremation. This would incur additional fees.
The deceased will need to be seen by two separate doctors before the cremation can take place. The current charge for a doctor’s certificate is £82 each.
We most frequently attend the following crematoria:
Norse Road - Bedford (MK41 0RL)

The Vale - Luton (LUD 8DD)

Crownhill Crematorium - Milton Keynes (MK8 0AH)
For more detailed information regarding the internment of ashes and the scattering of your loved one’s cremated remains, or any other questions you may have regarding the purchase of a grave or a memorial, then please contact the office and we will be able to talk you through all of the options available to you.
Call 01234 843 222 for a tailored price or to find out more about your local burial grounds.

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