Coffins & Ums


We have an extensive range of coffins to suit all budgets and individual requirements, for both burial and cremation. They are increasingly becoming a popular medium for expression and individuality. We have a small selection available to view at our premises, please call to arrange a viewing.

Wood veneer coffins

Wood veneer coffins are our elegant basic coffin, made of a strong wood composite material veneered in oak or mahogany. Panelled wood veneer coffins are also available, which are considered very stylish.
Wood Veneer Coffin

Solid wood coffins

Always traditionally individually hand crafted to meet the highest standard. Coffins are available in oak, walnut, and mahogany. The wood is only chosen from sustainable accredited forests.
Solid Wood Coffin

Environmentally friendly coffins

Elegantly made by skilled weavers, our willow coffins are golden brown in colour. They are suitable for burial and often used in conjunction with our green burial service.
Willow coffin with floral decoration

Colourful coffins

As a way of adding a unique personal touch to a funeral, a coffin decorated in the deceased's favorite football team colours or depicting a national flag or picturesque scene maybe a consideration.
Union Jack decorated coffin

Urns and caskets

We offer a range of urns all made from the finest materials and finely crafted with great attention to detail for the family to cherish. 

Solid oak caskets are also available for burial of the ashes.
A red urn with flowers

Call A L & G Abbott on 01234 843 222 for advice on choosing the most suitable urn or coffin for your loved one's funeral.

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