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In 1832 Geoff Abbott’s grandfather, John Abbott, started out as a carpenter / joiner / builder in Luton.
In 1870 he moved the business to its present site in Bedford Road, Kempston when he decided to operate as a funeral director alongside his other businesses. 
He purchased land, now known as Hillgrounds, in Kempston, which was then a wooded area. He felled the trees bringing the logs back to the premises first by horse and later by tractor; here they were stored and seasoned in the timber yard ready for making into coffins.
Abbotts were unique in the fact that all coffins, urns, handles and crosses etc, were hand made on the premises. So successful was this that he became supplier to other local funeral directors and thus a small cottage industry was established. In those days all funerals were horse drawn with the horses being stabled on the premises.
By the early 1920’s, Geoff Abbott’s father, Lou Abbott, was then involved in the business and the name changed to A L Abbott. By the mid 1920’s their first motor hearse and limousine, both Rolls Royce’s, were purchased; this tradition of Rolls Royce vehicles stayed in the Abbott business until the mid 1980’s.
By the early 1940’s, Lou Abbott’s son Geoffrey had joined the business and the name changed again to the current A L & G Abbott. After Lou Abbott’s death in 1952 Geoffrey Abbott was the sole owner until his daughter Lynne Darlow joined him in the mid 1970’s; sadly Geoffrey Abbott passed away in 1993 and his daughter died five years later. Florence Abbott, Geoffrey’s wife was involved in the family business until her death in 2003.
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